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Rezervation of apartment is confirm after we received 20% of the total price of accommodation in advance.
20% of the total price you can pay in a several ways:
– In cash
– Credit Card ( Visa, Master Card, MaestroCard)
– Payment on current account
– PayPal, and the rest of amount you pay in cash on a day you enter in apartment.
The rest of complete amount you pay on the day of your entrace in apartment.

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel Your reservation, we urge you to do so as soon as you find out that you won't be needing the flat. Reservation can be modified or cancelled at least 7 days before the arrival date, free of charge. In the event of timely cancellation, the Agency will notify the bank in no later than 2 working days and the process of money refund will begin. The Agency shall refund 100% of the payment.

If you wish to change reservation dates less than 7 days before the arrival date, the Agency retains 10% commission of total booking amount and changes can only be made depending on the availability of apartments. In the case of shortening the reservation during the stay in the apartment Agency retains the full amount.

Check in is after 12:00h on the day of arrival. Check out is till 11:00h on the day of departure. In the event of a prolonged stay after 11:00 hours to 20:00 hours, there will be commission for another half day and after 20:00 hours the whole extra day . All information regarding the properties displayed on this website is accurate and up-to-date. Apartments descriptions and rates may be subject to change. Upon notification of any material inaccuracies in a property description or price changes or any material changes made by the Agency, will be published at the earliest opportunity. All apartments are serviced on a weekly basis, free of charge. Any additional cleaning will be charged. Agency is legally bound to make the registration of all guests to the police.
Maximum number of guests is the one for which the accommodation is booked and paid for. If the number of guests exceeds the contract, the Agency reserves the right to revoke the booking without refund or make a payment in accordance with the change of reservation. It is not allowed to use the facility and its benefits by people who have not booked the apartment.

Property, furniture, fittings and equipment must be at departure in the same condition as they were when entering to the apartment. The Agency reserves the right to levy an additional charge for any extra cleaning required after your occupancy and for any consequential loss.

If the guest causes any damage he is obligated to report it to the Agency as soon as possible. In the event of non-payment of any damage, the Agency reserves the right to take legal action in order to compensate the cost of damage.
Guests are advised to take all measures needed to protect personal property. The Agency will not accept liability for damage or loss of personal property, except where the damage or loss arising from the negligence of employees of the Agency.
In case any of the existing inconvenience when entering the apartment (dirt, defect, bad service), please contact us on our hot line +381 (0) 60 505 5959. The Agency will make an effort to promptly respond to the complaint. Complaints that are not immediately reported, will not be taken into account, as well as those brought up after leaving the apartment.